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Couple getting divorcedIf you are facing a divorce or considering one, we know this isn’t an easy time for you. Choosing to legally separate from your spouse is no small or simple task.

Whether you are responding to a spouse seeking a divorce or are the spouse petitioning for it, you need to consider what the dissolution of your marriage will entail. Issues around property division, temporary restraining orders, and spousal support (also known as alimony) are enough to worry about. If you have children, you’ll need to deal with issues surrounding child support, child custody, and visitation.

Divorce is personal and emotional, and so much is at stake – don’t risk anything and seek a competent divorce lawyer in Covington to fight for your rights. At Lindsey S. Olsen, Attorney at Law, we can guide you through the divorce process from beginning to conclusion. We seek to empathize with our clients and help them overcome their struggles and make a positive difference in their lives.

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102 No-Fault Divorce in Louisiana 

A 102 or no-fault divorce can be filed at any time by either spouse as a petition to end the marriage. No reason for ending the marriage needs to be provided or proved. These types of divorces are filed by people who haven’t been physically separated from their spouse for more than six months.

After a petition to divorce has been served from one spouse to the other, they must wait six months (if they have no children) or a year (if they have children) from the date the petition was served before a hearing can be held to finalize the divorce. At the hearing, it must be proven that the spouses lived separately and apart for at least six months after the petition was served.

What is 103 Fault & No-Fault Divorce?

A 103 divorce differs from a 102 in that spouses have already lived separate and apart for more than 6 months (without children) or 365 days (with children). This is often the quickest way for a divorce to be finalized because – if it can be proven – the required separation period has already elapsed.

A 103 Divorce can also be filed if fault is found on the following grounds:

  • A spouse has committed adultery
  • A spouse physically or sexually abused the other spouse or a child of either spouse
  • A protective order or injunction was placed on one spouse to protect the other or a child of either during the marriage
  • A spouse is imprisoned at hard labor for a felony conviction
  • A spouse has been sentenced to death for a felony conviction

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Louisiana?

Although in Louisiana, there aren't any advantages to who files for divorce first, one should consider some of the benefits. Keep in mind the preparation to reflect on any surprises, including the emotional, mental, and financial fallout that will occur.

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In either case, having a Covington divorce attorney who can help you navigate your divorce with as much ease as possible can lessen your emotional distress and confusion during this time. Seek help as soon as you know divorce is the right option for you or when you’ve been served with divorce papers.

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