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How Your Property Transfers to Your Loved Ones When You Die

Having a will is a critical component of estate planning because it can maintain order and lessen confusion in your family when you die. When you arrange your affairs in this way, there should be little to no question regarding who has a legal right to your property when you die.

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Do You Have to Have a Succession in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, almost all estates, no matter how big or small, will wind up going through a succession. Other states may call it probate, but a succession in Louisiana is the legal process for transferring a deceased person's assets to his or her heirs.

Two types of succession exist in Louisiana, and one or the other becomes relevant upon someone’s death according to whether or not that person has a valid last will and testament. There are very few instances where a succession will not be necessary, that's why it's important to speak with an experienced succession attorney.

Testate Succession

A testate succession is when a person dies with a valid last will and testament. The inheriting person is what the law terms a legatee. During the succession process, the property contained within a testate succession is transferred to the legatees.

Once the testament is filed with the court, anyone named as a legatee then files a request with the court to acquire the deceased person’s property according to how it was allocated to them in the deceased person’s will. A judgement of possession will finalize a legatee’s right to the property.

Judgement of Possession in Louisiana

A judgment of possession in Louisiana is a court order that transfers the title of a deceased person's assets to their heirs or legatees. It is the final step in the succession process.

To obtain a judgment of possession, the representative of the succession must file a petition with the court. The court will then hold a hearing and issue a judgment of possession if all requirements are met.

A judgment of possession is essential because it provides legal proof of ownership of the deceased person's assets.

Assume you are an heir or legatee of a deceased person in Louisiana. In that case, you should contact an experienced succession attorney to discuss your options for obtaining a judgment of possession.

Intestate Succession

An intestate succession occurs when a person dies without a valid last will and testament. When this happens, anyone who believes they are the legal heir of the deceased must petition the court for this recognition to receive the deceased’s property.

How Succession Is Carried Out

Testate and intestate successions are done by simple possession or by administration. If done by simple possession, the heirs are sent directly into possession. If done by administration, a succession representative – or executor, if appointed by a last will and testament – is appointed and will administer the estate. The succession representative will sell any necessary assets, pay any outstanding debts, and ultimately place the heirs or legatees into possession of the decedent’s property.

Louisiana Affidavit of Small Succession

In some specific situations in Louisiana, a small succession affidavit may be acceptable. An estate generally qualifies if the gross estate of the deceased is less than $125,000, the deceased is a resident of Louisiana, and the deceased did not have a last will and testament.

A small succession affidavit may also be allowed when a person dies while residing outside of Louisiana, the estate was opened in a different state, but the person owned property in the state of Louisiana. It is important to note that although a small succession affidavit is allowed by law, some institutions will not honor it and will require the heirs to open judicial proceedings.

Our succession attorney in St. Tammany Parish also represents heirs and legatees involved in open and ongoing succession litigation. We will ensure that the rights of the heirs and legatees are protected and that the succession is administered in accordance with Louisiana Law.

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